NYC Throwback Photos

I’m doing a 365 photo challenge on my photo blog and I haven’t used my camera for 3 days because I haven’t had the opportunity to go out. So I had no choice but to dig in through my memory card because I do intend to keeping the challenge ((:

I didn’t post these a while back because I underestimated them. We were at the Empire State at a beautiful time of the day but we were so high up so the clouds were making them pale and cloudy(? hahaha). I just kept snapping anyways. I didn’t see much potential in them.

Here is the pale, unedited version of one of the photos:

Do you see what I mean?

Hahaha, anyways, I like how they turned out when they edited them. ^-^

reuploaded this btw because of some photo probs

Oh, and I changed my url if you guys didn’t know. I used to be clumsydreaming.

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